What are the Best Things in Life are Free?

AnswersCategory: LifehackWhat are the Best Things in Life are Free?
Alex Hail Staff asked 5 months ago
2 Answers
Yabel Wedbo answered 5 months ago

Nothing going to happen best in you life but you have to make it better and with time make it best whatever you like.

Fegomid Donmah answered 5 months ago

These things are always free in life if you deserve to get it or want to have it.

  1. Hugs are free in life 
  2. Friends and family are free in life if you have maintained them.
  3. Smiles are absolutely free in life you can have every time if you are optimistic
  4. Sleep is always free in life if you maintained it 
  5. Laughter is a great thing in life is free to have anytime anywhere whatever the situation is.
  6. Happy memories is a thing in life free of any cost if you have best relationship and experience happy memories are the best thing to stay away from stress.
  7. Love is always free if you give love you will get love in response.