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Growing Adoption of IOT For Public Safety Accelerating The Demand of Law Enforcement Software Market

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Increased use of smart city infrastructure, combined with expanding urbanization, is expected to improve law enforcement software usage throughout the world. Technology-driven economies such as Australia, China, Japan, and India present significant prospects for law enforcement solution providers.

Smart city efforts, as well as the increased usage of the internet of things (IoT) for public safety, are expected to drive up demand for law enforcement software. Additionally, increased awareness of law enforcement solutions among federal agencies is projected to boost the implementation of digital policing solutions across geographies.

Furthermore, because terrorism is still a major danger, several developing countries have embraced new technology for monitoring and surveillance, such as license plate identification and face recognition. As a result, trends such as the inclusion of artificial intelligence know-hows into law enforcement solutions are expected to drive the adoption of similar capabilities and technologies in this industry.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly using advanced software such as predictive analytics, digital and mobile forensics, and crime analytics, owing to the world’s rapid digital transformation and the expectation that police officers will be able to work seamlessly between the office and the street.

This opens up new possibilities for not only modernizing legacy systems like computer-assisted dispatch and record management, but also implementing new and advanced capabilities like forensic case management, body-worn cameras, predictive policing, crime analytics, digital & mobile forensics, and digital evidence management.

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