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Written by Yabel Wedbo · 1 min read
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Well, you’ve posted on every job board on the internet and on every Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, and Joblistan job portals. But can’t find a good job. You have been following up on calls and networking until you get sad. Every Sunday, you pick up the newspaper and apply for all the jobs in your field with little to no results.

Well, there are some creative and unique ways if you try these, surely you will succeed in finding a great job.

Submit half of your resume

Find a company you want to work for. Write a great cover letter about why you are a good fit, pointing to the attached resume. Do not seal the envelope or attach a resume. They’ll think the resume fell through the mail. They will call and start a conversation. Sell ​​yourself shamelessly.

Write a prospecting letter

Use the power of direct mail. Look for 5-10 companies. Write a letter to your network of contacts and ask them if they know of anyone who works in any of the companies on your list. When a contact says they know someone on your list, send them their resume and ask them to forward it to their contact or ask for permission to send it yourself.

Email chain letter

Create a list of 20 companies you want to work for, and email everyone you know to see if they know anyone who works at these companies. Ask them to contact you if they do, so you can request a referral. Then, tell them to send your resume to 10 other people. However, do not do this if you are currently employed.

Distribute a brochure

Write a brochure with information relevant to your industry and give it away. Everybody wants free information and it presents their expertness. Distribute the brochure electronically and post it to newsgroups where hiring managers will see it.

Call Human Resources

Sounds crazy right? Call the human resources department. Ask their recruitment agency and they certainly ask why you enquire about it. They will ask you why you want to know. Tell them that your company is not looking for someone with their skills at the moment, the agency may be dealing with other companies, so you are looking for a recommendation. It is very possible that you will be asked for an interview. If not, at least you get a hint. They would love to save on agency fees. Being recommended also gives you special attention. Send them a thank you note.

These are super tactics that can give you better results.

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